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Carpathian cake dessert

Carpathian cake dessert

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For the sheets, I mixed foam eggs with sugar and salt powder, I added oil, milk, baking soda and finally flour for an easy-to-handle elastic dough. I incorporated 840 g of flour. From this dough I baked 10 sheets. I spread each sheet directly on the baking paper and then transferred it to a tray.

I made the sheets a bit thin and they came out 10, but you can bake 8.

For the cream I caramelized the sugar. In another bowl I heated the milk. I mixed the starch with a little milk and added it over the caramelized sugar. I then added the rest of the heated milk. I left it on the fire until the cream thickened, stirring constantly.

I took the pot off the heat and added the chocolate, stirring until it melted. Then I added the butter, stirring until incorporated. At the end I added the essence of rum. I let the cream cool.

I placed the first sheet, I distributed the cream on the whole surface, then the 2nd sheet and again the cream, and so on until I finished all 10 sheets.

I covered the cake with foil and left it cold overnight. During this time I turned the cake upside down, meaning that the bottom sheet reached the top.

The next day I cut the edges of the cake and divided it lengthwise into three equal parts. I took each piece and cut it diagonally, that is, I positioned the tip of the knife on the last sheet and the base of the knife under the first sheet.

I glued the two pieces with cream, obtaining the shape of the Carpathians. I got three such pieces.

I greased all three pieces with cream and sprinkled on each ground walnut.

I had less cream left for the outside and I added a few tablespoons of finesse to the remaining cream.

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