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Man Brings Doughnuts to Turn Himself In After Losing Facebook Bet With Police

Man Brings Doughnuts to Turn Himself In After Losing Facebook Bet With Police

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He fought the law, and the law won

A Michigan man tried to evade jail time with doughnuts when he turned himself in to the Redford Police Department.

A wanted man sent a private message to the police department in Redford, Michigan, regarding their Facebook post seeking his whereabouts, promising that he would turn himself in if the social media post received 1000 shares.

Unfortunately for Michael Zaydel, 21, who was being sought by police on multiple outstanding warrants, the post received more attention than he bargained for, accruing over 4,000 shares.

Thinking it might curry good favor with the authorities, Zaydel entered the police station of his own accord, bringing with him a box of doughnuts and a single bagel. He was still arrested.

Sgt. Duane Gregg told local news NBC4i that he consumed the bagel, but he provided no comment on whether or not the other officers ate the doughnuts. We don’t think Zaydel would have gotten away with his crimes even if he had brought the police some of Amercia’s 25 best doughnuts.


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